RCAT - Research Center for Architecture and Tectonics

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Updated 20/03/2017


++ New PhD stipend and post-doctoral researcher positions: PhD Stipend, Post-doc

++ Bjørnar Nørstebø [SINTEF] commenced his PhD as part of the RCAT | ACDL Group at AHO.

++ Planning of CSoP 2017 Conference as part of Aarhus 2017 European Capital commenced.

++ Planning of CSoP 2017 Round-table Discussions and Symposium in Oslo commenced in collaboration with DogA - the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture.

rcat 2016_01_matteo20Oslo Convergence - 24-hour Oslo, Matteo Lomaglio, 2016


Dear friends and colleagues,

Welcome to the website of the Research Center for Architecture and Tectonics [RCAT] and the Advanced Computational Design Laboratory [ACDL] and the RCAT | ACDL group.

Founded in 2011 and in 2014 respectively RCAT and ACDL are located at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. RCAT focuses on developing an overarching approach to performance-oriented architecture through experimental design and experimental constructions. This is based on an inter- and transdisciplinary approach to research by design, practice-oriented inquiry, design and built activities, and information-based design rooted in integrated advanced computational design in architecture. RCAT invites international collaboration from academic and research bodies, and practice. Collaborating practices and research organisations include Snøhetta, Kieran Timberlake, Bollinger and Grohmann and OCEAN Design Research Association.

RCAT initiated research by design in the Institute of Architecture at AHO through a series of studios that integrate teaching and research along a practice-oriented trajectory. RCAT successfully restarted research at AHO into innovative use of wood in architecture through studios and strategic meetings and discussions with the Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture and Food on the basis of which funded research projects were facilitated.

In 2011 RCAT commenced research into experimental constructions and launched the Scarcity and Creativity studio with projects, clients and strategic founding leading to four projects in the Open City Ritoque in Chile and in 2012 to two projects in Nusfjord, Norway. Members of the RCAT | ACDL group have been engaged in design and build experiments and inquiries over the last two decades.

RCAT was central in initiating the Advanced Computational Design Laboratory which was launched in early 2014. The Advanced Computational Design Laboratory is an innovative research environment that seeks to examine emergent intersections between architecture and digital technologies, within the context of research by design towards local architectures and local urbanism, and to investigate how up-to-date digital culture impacts on architectural thinking and practice.

RCAT supervised in collaboration with Snøhetta the first succesful Industrial PhD candidate in the humanities in Norway, Dr. Julia Schlegel, who defended her PhD in late 2015.

This website serves as both an introduction and a summary archive of the work undertaken in the context of the RCAT | ACDL group.

Prof. Dr. Michael U. Hensel, RCAT + Asst. Prof. Søren S. Søren, ACDL

One of the tendencies that continues to plague architectural research and innovation is the continual omission of vital references, precedents and inspriations found in the work of others. We therefore seek to list these explicitly wherever possible. We welcome notification if there are any unintended omission .

Please note that the content of this website is not public domain material. Intellectual and copyrights are held by the individual researchers and authors of the works. This website is maintained and edited by Prof. Dr. Michael U. Hensel and Asst. Prof. Søren S. Sørensen.